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Paint all the hazards are worth noting including the security door paint(Hits:) 
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Harm of anti theft door paint to pregnant women:

1 it will probably cause skin allergy caused by abnormal pregnant women, directly or indirectly affect immediately, Kang Jian and the normal development of the fetus.

2 it contains benzene, can cause pregnant women about fetal hemolysis at.

3 it contains lead, that probably the respiratory tract into the skin and mucosa in pregnant women, cause chronic poisoning, damage nerve system and.

There are many chemical elements in paint containing harmful substances, many, if pregnant women in the three months before pregnancy during embryo development, most do not fight these harmful substances, harmful substances will cause fetal malformations, most widely used is the cleft lip and palate, if long-term survival may affect fetal brain development in these harmful substances. Late.

The anti-theft door heard paint formaldehyde, benzene and other organic solvents. These are very bad for the fetus, it should lead to fetal malformations.

Now that you know the harm of the security door paint, then it must be to prevent the damage of the security door paint. In fact, there are few anti-theft door paint formaldehyde, and anti-theft door paint are the most harmful to human benzene and benzene and toluene in polyester paint has two hydracid low fat. Its harm is the best way to ensure ventilation for more than two months to stay. If you need to check in with the help of professional personnel for testing to determine compliance after admission control.

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