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Remedial measures for anti theft door paint scratch(Hits:) 
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The anti-theft door anti-theft door paint, a lot of families preferred entry door, but in the process of using the usual, often encounter paint scraping situation, but the replacement of door too tired, so there is no remedy for what can return to the original anti-theft door?

First to automatic spray paint shop to buy a group of ordinary color, are the colors: scarlet, red brown, red santana.

Second step to buy a few small brush and prepare a few white cardboard.

Method: first the paint to the cardboard on the side, side spray color, when transferred to and scrapes similar colors, use a brush dipped in paint scratches in the fill, a maximum of two layer coated with a knife, and reapply dry, can be repeatedly filled, there are generally four times on the same. The paint is dry, then lightly coated with white point will be accomplished. The above is a simple remedy, so can make your shiny new anti-theft door, we have all kinds of metal paint, industrial paint and paint products, let each field can buy complete here.

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